Species and Races of Mythnium

Recently, I was able to write a guest post on Lisa's Writopia.

Read my guest post.

I struggled to come up with ideas to write about, so Lisa graciously sent me a list of ideas. Of those ideas, were a bunch of prompts that I think I am going to use here to share how I build Mythnium. Thank you, Lisa.

How about we start with the species and races of Mythnium?

Let’s first discuss the technicalities.

Granted, most fantasy readers could care less about the nuance of species vs race as far as definitions go. However, as my editor was working through Echoes of Dragons, this became a concern for continuity in her work. Drawing on biological knowledge and terminology, understanding the difference between the two is actually crucial to world building.

You can read more about how this understanding affected editing of fantasy and science fiction by clicking here.

As far as definitions go, a species is: a group of organisms that share a genetic heritage, can interbreed, and to create offspring that are also fertile. [https://biologydictionary.net/species/]

(There is an ongoing argument on Earth about species vs race vs breed in actual recognition of the human species and races, but for fantasy and science fiction, this argument is a little more cut and dry - in practice at any rate.)

Meanwhile, the definition of race is: a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits. [https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/history/2019/02/race-and-ethnicity-explained]

This, of course, on Earth, is broken down even further into ethnicities and cultures.

On Earth, we have the human species (Homo sapiens) and then we have a slew of races, and then a much larger slew of ethnicities and cultures that change, adapt, and evolve.

While creating Mythnium, I wanted to dig into the truth of species vs race and really delve into the beauty of the diversity species and races can have in fantasy worlds. In that effort, I created and am exploring these peoples: who they are, what they look like, what makes them alike, what makes them different, and how they interact with each other.

Fantasy allows us to break all the known rules of science to create whatever we want. I love that, but I do want to add an element of known and real even to Mythnium. And so I’d like to stick to some real definitions here for my own continuity in world building.

Creating the intelligent and humanoid species of Mythnium, of course, was inspired by many of the species well-known to the fantasy genre. Like so many fantasy worlds, Mythnium boasts many familiar species: elves, dwarves, dragons, fairies, merfolk, and so on. However, I went a step further to create races of many of these species as well as creating entirely new intelligent species, some humanoid, some not.

It is my intention to share these species and races with you over the next few months so you can get to know them, and through them - Mythnium.

Species of Mythnium (this is an inconclusive list as I continue to world build as I write):

  • humans

  • elves

  • dwarves

  • heridon

  • rana

  • merfolk

  • dragons

  • heridon

  • muligs

  • trolls

  • orcs

  • goblins

  • fairies

  • giants

  • bufunax

Races of Mythnium- each of which also has its own ethnicities and cultures based on history, location, environment, and events:

  • elves- White Elves; Willow Elves; Forest Elves; Drow (Dark Elves)

  • dwarves- Silver Dwarves, Deep Dwarves

  • dragons- Imperials, Drakes, Demiods

  • giants- North Giants, Rock Giants

Join me every couple of weeks to learn more about the different species and races of Mythnium.

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