New Story: Tristal

Granted, Tristal was completed several weeks ago. Beta Readers got me their edits, suggestions, likes and dislikes a couple weeks ago. I finished the cover last week. But my intentions to have her published by July 4th ... Shrug. What can I say?

As I shared in my last post, my life has been more than a little chaotic. The chaos has lessened a great deal (though huge stressors remain), and I have found the time to relax, dig deeper into myself, more fully develop Mythnium, and have worked more on the next short story. (Which, by the way, introduces a new race I call the Rana... so much fun!)

With all this time I have found, and the ability to get so much more world building done, I still had not been able to get Tristal published. Yeah. Living in a camper, in the woods, in the mountains, using someone else's wifi - not the same as working from one's own office or living room.

It's all good though, because now that the campground has cleared out a little, the wifi has intensified (less people eating the signal... LOL) I have updated this website, uploaded Tristal, and finally: Tristal is available to purchase on and soon at your favorite eBook shopping site!

I have to admit, I am a little nervous about this one. I am not great with love stories. (Funny, really, because 99% of the ghostwriting I did was for Christian romance, and my clients loved my work ... Shrug). A love story. A story about betrayal. A story that introduces a new race of Elves in general, and a new race to Mythnium specifically. All things that I hope my readers enjoy.

So, you, dear reader, need to let me know. ;-)

You can get your copy of Tristal here: for only $0.99!

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