Lions, and Tigers, and Bears... Errr... Dragons?

Hello Fantasy Fans!

Now that Echoes of Dragons is ready to publish, I have been taking some time to binge a bit. Hubby has a Disney+ account, so I have been watching "Once Upon A Time" from the beginning.

I don't know about you all, but when I binge a series, I typically get caught up in them, much like I do when I am in the middle of reading a really great book. The story seeps its way into my subconscious, and I often find that the storyline will continue or take a tangent in my dreams.

(My dreams are a great source for some of my writing material...)

So, I am in the middle of binging this series, while also reading a book for a fellow author, and then reading Echoes of Dragons as a fantasy reader, when I note that my dreams are beginning to take these three storylines and combining them in the weirdest ways.

In "Once Upon A Time", I am up to the point (spoiler if you haven't watched this show) where the Wicked Witch of the West has revealed the ingredients she needs to turn back time. Now, those ingredients are: courage, a heart, and a brain, plus a baby. So the first three have me dwelling on the obvious correlation to the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion, right? But for the life of me, I can't understand the correlation with the last ingredient: the baby.

Well, my dreams decided to have a go at solving the riddle.

Apparently, the first three ingredients also coincide (per my dreams) with the chant from Wizard of Oz (the movie):

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Yes. The person in my dream chanted it over and over again as they dropped the ingredients into a big cauldron, but then a strange thing happened. The chant came to life.

First, there was a Lion. Gorgeous. Bold. Strong.

Then there was a Tiger. Fierce. Handsome. Sinister.

Finally, there was a ... Nope. Not a bear. A dragon. It was gold and red and was dripping acid, and in its talons it was holding this tiny thing: this tiny, strangely quiet baby that had crazy big blue eyes that looked into the person casting the spell, and in turn, into me, the dreamer.

Yeah. It was nuts, and it woke me up. And now, because I trust my subconscious to see beyond what I can see, I am even more confused. LOL I know - just keep watching, right? I will. Promise.

I know a lot of people who don't recall their dreams, to the point that they insist they don't have dreams. That has always baffled me, because even when dreams get weird and startle me into wakefulness, I have always had this feeling that dreams are THE link into our subconscious, and for the believer in me, I often wonder if this link is not also a link to the supernatural elements of our world.

I dunno. Just speculating.

So there you have it, a peek into one facet of my imagination as fueled by dreams.

On to other news:

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