Introducing: Character Illustrations!

I have been really torn on having any of my characters illustrated. I am such a control freak, but I also can't draw. I had other authors suggest using stock photos and manipulating them, because there is an awful lot of "free" art and stock photography out there covering all things fantasy. I just...

IF I was going to have artwork made of Mythnium characters, I wanted it to be original. And I wanted to find an artist that I felt I could trust and rely on to work with me if (and when) I get finicky.

To make matters worse, I am one of those readers that when I see characters on covers, as I go through the book, I visualize the character on the cover. So if the description in the book does not match the illustration on the cover, I actually get really annoyed. Like really annoyed.

For that reason, I have debated for YEARS on whether or not I wanted to offer up illustrations outside the descriptions I have given in the short stories, and now in Echoes of Dragons (still in progress).

But I know a gal (Jada Fishbaugh on Fiverr). And I have seen some of her work, and I love it! She is so naturally talented. So, I asked her if she would be willing to work on my fan favorite: Valero.

She was willing, and she has taken what I have given her and hand drawn y'alls favorite elf!

As she shared with me the first sketch, and we worked together to get him just right, I just fell in love! And now looking at this full color rendition, I am ... in awe! Squee!!!

This is him!

This is my elf!

He is the first character that I got attached to when I started writing about Mythnium. To be honest, Valero is not my favorite character, BUT I KNOW him the best! I have known him the longest. I know what makes him tick. I know his likes, his dislikes. In my mind, he is fully fleshed out and very real. His completeness in my mind inspires me to bring the other characters y'all have met in The Short Stories from Mythnium to completion as well.

Jada did such an incredible job bringing the image in my head to paper! Now I want to see how my other characters look in color, outside of my imagination!

Don't y'all?

What do YOU think of this visualization of Valero?

If you could choose the next Mythnium character to be illustrated, who would it be?

I do not have comments set up on this blog, so PLEASE share your thoughts and input on the Mythnium Facebook Page.

Thank you!

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