Did You Know: Mythnium Tidbits (Part II)

I was asked about the legends and lore of Mythnium a while ago, and thought it might be a good idea to share with you all more about it as well.

In all my world building, I had not given much deliberate thought to the lore of the world or it's many peoples' legends. I mean, they are there, built in by default, just in the method of my story telling, but up to that point when one of my early readers asked me more about it, I had not actually mapped out what they are, how how they differ from race to race, and so on.

So let's talk just one aspect of the lore of Mythnium, specifically about the religion of Mythnium.

Mythnium peoples are polytheistic, or they acknowledge the divinity of multiple gods, even if they do not worship all of them. While most of the people of Mythnium do not actively participate in worship, devotion, offering of sacrifices or prayers, the fabric of the world is based on the creation of the world by Siki and Cria, the Father and Mother of all Creation. The children of these two gods, also gods themselves, resemble the gods we know from our own Greek/Roman/Nordic/etc lore. These gods are the gods of the tangible effects of the planet and nature itself: Fertility, Harvest, Hunt, Wisdom, War, and Death. Then there are the lesser gods, the patron gods of the sentient species and races of Mythnium.

Now, while most of the individuals of Mythnium do not actively participate in gathering or fellowship, meeting at temples or burning incense, or anything along those lines, there is a general acknowledgment that good harvests are a gift from Skeru, God of the Harvest, while a plague across the continent is the handiwork of Sayki, God of Death... and so on, depending on the god and the events. Then there are still temples and holy places of worship that are kept and utilized for those few who do actively worship specific gods.

Additionally, all the races widely accept the use of prayer in their daily lives as direct connections to their gods. While there are specific, taught prayers for different gods and topics, there is one prayer that over time also became a sort of mantra for the people of Mythnium, even inserting itself into the way they greet each other.

This is the Prayer of Mythnium:

Progress through unity.

World, nature, people,

We progress with deeds

Not words.

Faith carries us;

Justice preserves us;

Integrity guides us.

We serve and protect

With hearts as one.

With hearts as one.

The last portion, "With hearts as one..." is the common greeting among the people of Mythnium. The lore behind the prayer itself credits the survivors of the Great Cataclysm with having written it and dispersing it among other survivors and through the generations as a reminder that the races work better in unity. The prayer, not lifted to any of the gods in specific, testifies to a realization of the planet that it was up to the people to create a world worth living in. As a result, most of the sentient species and races who embrace this prayer and actively follow its simple tenets live a life of peace with one another. The only fear of fighting, bloodshed, and war always comes from the influence of and manipulation by the White Lord over the less intelligent of the sentient species, or the weak-minded individual(s).

Now - to answer another reader's question-

  • Question: Is the villain of Echoes of Dragons, briefly identified in the anthology, driven by any sort of higher being, or god, or something?

  • Answer: Without giving away too much of the story in Echoes of Dragons, The White Lord is driven by revenge, but does seek out the guidance and wisdom of his patron god, Naga, God of the Heridon. He may not always heed the advice of his god, but he does worship and commune with Naga daily.

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