Did You Know... Mythnium Tidbits

In going over my massive notebook where I keep my lists, outlines, routes, major plots, minor plots, and random notes, I realized there is a lot I have added to Mythnium that are not super apparent in the Short Stories from Mythnium anthology.

Would it be fun to learn some of these additions?

You tell me.

The first tidbit I am excited to share is the fact that I have created entire new species, races, and ethnicities for Mythnium, even beyond things that normally fall under the fantasy genre. I touched on this briefly on my social media pages, but thought it might be fun to dig in a little for those of you who follow the blog.

So, in the real world, humanity really struggles to accept differences: species, races, ethnicity, culture, faith, politics. These are all areas of division to humanity, in general. Sad, because these are all things that enhance our beauty as a race. Our diversity is one huge benefit to our race, to our planet. Someday, maybe we will all find a peaceful way to embrace difference and diversity, but .. till then, a lot of us like to escape the burdens of reality by seeing these things play out in fiction, and most specifically fantasy and science fiction.

In Mythnium, while I admit I am no skilled manipulator of those kinds of topics - to either make a point, or to offer ideas of how to overcome adversities in real life, I do hope to just include how my imagination makes sense of some of those kinds of topics. I write it for fun. I write it to help myself understand it. I write it to help gain some clarity even if there is no solution.

I digress.

In Mythnium, I have created lots of new creatures, species, races, and so on. In my handy notebook with my lists and notes, I have nearly a dozen new species, races, and creatures that live on Mythnium. In Echoes of Dragons, I introduce three new races that I want to cover a bit in this post.

These three races are all bipedal and for comparison sake: humanoid.

The first one, I call the Heridon. The Heridon were a race who once lived alongside the Dragons of Mythnium. Heridon are a lizard like race with a heritage that is rumored to be a mix of Dragon and Elf, though these rumors are based entirely on speculation based solely on the appearance of the only known Heridon to survive the Great Cataclysm (that occurred long before the events of Echoes of Dragons. These lizard-like creatures were once adept with tools, technology, art, music, and magic. In Echoes of Dragons, you will meet the lone Heridon, The White Lord, and get to know more about him, but in regards to his race, as the sole representative of his race, and being as long-lived as the Elves themselves, he is also an enigma to what is remembered of his race. I am excited to expand on that throughout the stories I tell about Mythnium.

The second race is that of the Rana. I really enjoyed developing the Rana, which are a fishlike bipedal people that are amphibious, forced to live near coastlines, rivers, and lakes. This unique race is strange and beautiful. Imagine a fish with arms and legs, with the beautiful irridescent scales of goldfish, guppies, and bettas that we see in aquariums, or the beautiful rainbow of fish we see in our oceans and seas. While the Rana are a physically beautiful people, they are also unique in that they share group telepathy. There are limits to this. Rana live in schools like many fish do, what we would perceive as a village style community. The telepathy they share is limited to the members of their community, and to be cut off from the school they are born into most often drives them mad. It is very rare to come across a lone Rana. They rely on that inner communication with each other for all ruling decisions for their communities, but they also speak the common tongue of Mythnium for trade and such, and are in general a well-respected race.

Finally, for Echoes of Dragons I have also introduced the Mulig. The Mulig, frog-like creatures that live secluded in bogs and swamps, are simple, brutish bipedals. They are easily manipulated, and are often coerced to join invading forces as fodder for impending battles. Because they are larger, hulking creatures, they tend to lead the way in battles, and a few who do show greater intelligence and greater blood lust often end up among the ranks of orcs and goblins in the White Lord's armies. I enjoyed creating a darker race, because I intended to take some of the fantasy driven lore that paints the Drow so darkly and twist it a bit for Mythnium. I also enjoyed visualizing what these strange people would look like like as hulking upright frogs that can wield swords and darts and that can prove to be vicious adversaries.

As I said earlier, there are many other species and races I have introduced into Mythnium over the years. Another aspect of world building that I have enjoyed is developing the ethnicities and cultures of some of the more beloved fantasy races, like Elves, which I have expanded to be: Willow Elves, White Elves, Drow, and Forest Elves. But I will save exploring those revelations for another post. ;-)

If you have not yet read the Short Stories from Mythnium get your copy on Amazon (kindle or paperback.)

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