Coming Soon: Book Reviews

Are you wondering what I am reading?

Who are the other new authors you need to know?

Starting this Friday, November 27th, I will be running a brand new WEEKLY feature!

I will be reviewing books that I think you all would enjoy.

I am very excited about this new addition to the Mythnium blog.

Want a hint for what I will be reviewing this week?

Well... he has other books already published, but I got to get my hands on a copy of his newest book before it has even hit the shelves! WooHOO! And I gotta say - I am super excited to tell you about this author who made me chuckle out loud more than once.

His name is E.L. Haines and his coming release is "Carried Away."

Come back Friday for a sneak peak - no spoilers, I swear - into "Carried Away." My first Mythnium book review!

If you would like to be considered for a book review, please review these guidelines.

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