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You may have noticed an influx of book reviews. Not much on updates regarding Mythnium, or my current draft of "Echoes of Dragons."

It is insanely hard to admit struggles. Especially, when the struggles are so prevalent. Recently, my brain is working hard to keep up with the daily grind, and writing as a source of pleasure for me, takes a back burner because I do not want my writing to be an additional source of stress.

So, I focus on reading. Since I am reading, why not also tell you how I like what I am reading. While I am reading, why not attempt to read books by other Indie authors? I am not focusing on Indie authors, largely because there are a million and one books I want to read that I have not yet, and they run the spectrum of genres and author types. However, I have picked up so many new books by other self-published/Indie authors like myself, and I am honestly excited to share my thoughts on them and maybe help bring some little bit of spotlight to otherwise overlooked writers.

I have been trying to do a review a week, but even that had proven to be taxing some weeks. Like this week. Just too much going on. Such is life.

However, I have been writing. I have been working on "Echoes of Dragons." Now that I have all my Beta Reader feedback, I have been able to correlate all their reviews, suggestions, and ideas, and have been working very slowly and very deliberately to make "EoD" a better book to launch this series. My deadlines are all blown, but that is a story of my life for all my writing. It is what it is. I hope the few fans I have will have patience with me.

I have also been testing my chops on writing in other genres. I have done so in the past as a ghostwriter, but now I am forging ahead on my own following my own imagination and ideas in genres I am not comfortable in. I am writing under a pen name for now, but have shared short stories and ongoing novellas on HubPages (which is supposed to be a bit more protected for writers than Wattpad.). So far, my writing has been well received in children's fiction, romance, apocalyptic, and more. The reactions to these sample pieces are incredibly encouraging to me!

Beyond writing, editing, proofing, reading, and blogging, my life is full of unexpected surprises, blessings, and disappointments. I imagine we can all relate to that at least, right?

Thank you for following along with me on this bumpy road called writing. I hope to have a new Book Review to you all very soon, and some more exciting news for "EoD" as well.

Oh! Anyone up for another character interview? Who would you choose to be interviewed next: Estryl or Virconia? (To learn more about either of these characters, you can read their specific short stories that are included in "Short Stories from Mythnium").

You can weigh in on the Facebook.

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