Book Review: Twilight's Fall

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone in the US has recovered from the jump forward in time. LOL. My personal opinion is that Daylight Savings is an outdated and unnecessary complication to our already overly complicated lives, but ::shrug:: no one asked me. Anyway - the shift of time has actually affected me a great deal as I still have a kid at home. Also, I live pretty far to the north, so having the sun set around 8pm so early in the year makes me much more active again, which adds more to my daily plate and just further draws me away from writing as much as I like to do. Not that I appear to need an excuse not to write. Right?

For someone who loves to write, this is a complexity of my character that I have never understood or overcome. Hmmm...

Still, I have been reading a great deal. In addition to this book that I am about to review, I have also been reading a mystery series, am beta reading for a fellow author, and am reviewing more and more book review requests for other authors. Wow! So much talent in my inbox right now! So much!

I have to admit, the more books I review, the more lacking I feel as a writer. I imagine this is normal, and I do take this as a challenge to myself: those things I find admirable in other's books, I hope I can learn to emulate in my own, but the list of things I am discovering I do not do as well as I thought I did is growing longer and longer with every new author and work I review.

Okay - nuff about me!

Today, I want to share my thoughts on Twilight's Fall by J. Steven Lamperti.

I have not read the previous books in the series, though I have decided I want to make a point of doing so in the future. Despite that lack of knowledge and framework, this book stood alone on its own quite well without me feeling lost or confused.

A quick overview: Twilight, a young Liamec king relatively new to his role is returning home due to reports of revolt, but is ambushed along the way. He is joined by faithful companions, Aela, Blaine, and Corentin, who all support him in ways he cannot expect. Finding himself betrayed from within and fighting for his kingdom, Twilight faces the end of all he holds dear.

Now, the book's own blurb focuses mostly on Twilight, but the book itself really focuses on the companions, which I found much more interesting anyway. The king and his queen were fascinating in that they were not as fully developed as I would have liked, but I made concessions for that because I realize they were likely more fully developed in previous books in the series. However, the companions were developed so well, and really built the story for me. I found characteristics about the three young people that I could relate to and empathize with and root for.

This is a shorter book, so it did not take me long to read. I did not see any gross grammatical or spelling errors, and no plot holes that drew me out of the story or distracted me. World building was well done, though again, I think reading the previous books in the series probably lend even more depth to the scope and scale of Liamec, her people, cultures, and fantasy elements. Overall, Twilight's Fall is a purely enjoyable book suitable for young adults and older. I look forward to reading more by Lamperti. Five stars!

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