Book Review: The Living Sword

I am delighted to share this week's review of Pemry Janes' The Living Sword. Mr. Janes introduces a new world with interesting new races, new magical concepts, and new ideas to the fantasy genre that makes this short story entertaining. My understanding is this book has been published for some time, but Mr. Janes has had it edited and revised per his readers' suggestions, and I think these edits and revisions paid off!

Eurik, an orphaned human boy, is raised by the San, a race of humanoids that are capable of manipulating the elements in a fashion similar to magic, and yet their mastery of the elements is something much more base, primitive in a way, but elegant in another. During his life among the San, Eurik comes to be raised as one of them, learning their ways, their ideologies, and even begins learning to master the elements.

However, as he reaches his own adulthood, the truth of his arrival among the San is revealed to him fully causing him to leave a life of contentment and relative peace in search of answers to questions he had not known to ask before. His journey away from the San proves to be exciting and unexpectedly dangerous, throwing him into events that test his skills and his resolve, but even a he discovers enemies out to thwart him, he also discovers unlikely allies.

This is a very easy, short read, and I found it captivating and fun. The Living Sword is fast paced, and Eurik is likable and even believable despite the lingering questions regarding the extent of his training among the San. I do wish a bit more was included regarding the struggle Eurik must have endured internally reconciling fighting and violence even though the race that raised him seemed opposed to violence. ::SPOILER:: Plus, the sudden reconciliation of the "bad guy" in order to save face at the end of the book fell flat in the face of the fact that he had some hold over the vampire creature, Rik, which suggests that he was a dangerous person in his own right despite hiring mercs to do his dirty work.

Overall, The Living Sword is an great read for you this weekend. I recommend this book especially for YA readers, and for fantasy fans who enjoy quick reads. You can find this book on Amazon. For me, because it was an easy read with no glaring plot holes, was well-edited, and I like the characters, this book earns an easy five stars.

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