Book Review Submissions: On Hold

Hi everyone!

I have fallen behind on all things writing since March. I offer you all my deepest apologies.

Writers, if you have emailed your book review requests to me prior to May 1st, I am still working my way through them. Please review the submission guidelines if you have any questions.

If I have already written to you regarding your submission, rest assured, I DO have your book on my list to read and review.

Because I am so far behind, I will not be taking ANY new submissions dated after May 1st. This is temporary, and I will post an update when I am ready to accept new submissions.

Frankly, I have been overwhelmed by the number of authors in need/want of reviews. As an author like you, I understand the need, but I also still need to be able to carve out time for my own writing AND review requests.

I hope to be able to take new submissions in the beginning of June, but I honestly just don't know yet.

I thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Note: For those books on my read list, again, I will contact you once your book is read and my review is posted. Please do not email me to ask when your book will be reviewed. Thank you.

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