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As I've been trying to do more book reviews, I've discovered a need to be very clear on what an author can expect if I agree to do a review of their book as well as a need to be very clear on the types of books I will agree to review.

So... Submission Guidelines.

If you are a traditionally or independently published author and looking for your book to be reviewed, please read the following regarding my book review policy.

Book Review Policy

I am an avid reader looking to go on an adventure with believable and relatable characters in worlds that I can easily visualize. I prefer well-developed characters and fantastic new worlds.

Examples of books I have enjoyed: Dune, Wheel of Time series, Icewind Dale Trilogy, Hunger Games, Redeeming Love, Quo Vadis, The Andromeda Strain, and most of the books I have reviewed on this blog so far: Carried Away, The Sandman Chronicles, and Cells.

I am not interested in ANY style of porn, erotica, heavy romance, etc. If I agree to read your book, but it has been misrepresented and is full of erotic/sex scenes/romance, I might still write a review, but you will not like it.

Genres I will accept:



Historical Fiction

Christian Fiction


Genres I will not accept – no exceptions:

Erotica/Heavy romance






I promise that if I accept your submission, I will give your book a fair chance. However, if I cannot get past the first chapter for any reason (fails to capture my attention, poor grammar, switching tense, etc), I will not write a review and will be sure to let you know why. I am always honest. If you do not want honesty, do not submit your request.

Also, I am not an editor. While I will be happy to point out obvious mistakes I may have noticed, I will not send you a list of errors, or proof your book for you.

I have a working reading list. I work my way down that list in order of accepted submissions, reading one book at a time in order to do a complete and focused review. If I tell you I will read your book, I will, so please do not attempt to rush my process. Like you, I have a full and busy life, and I respect your time as I expect you to respect mine.

I will let you know when I have read your book and when you can expect to see my review. The review will be posted here on my blog, on Amazon (if I purchased/downloaded your book through Amazon), and on Goodreads. The link to the blog will be shared on my Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.

*At this time, I only accept submissions from authors, NOT publishers, PA’s, editors, etc.

Submit your request:

Failure to follow the instructions will result in immediate dismissal. Multiple submissions will also result in immediate dismissal.

· Email your request to

· In the SUBJECT LINE, please write “Book Review Request.”

· In the email, please give me:

-The title of your book

-The genre

-The word count

-The front cover

· Include a quick blurb of your work. This is your chance to sell me on why I need to read your book, and why you think I will enjoy it and should consider reviewing it for other avid readers.

· Please include the first five pages of your book, or the first chapter – whichever is shorter. Send as a .pdf please.

· I will respond to your request within a week IF I agree to read and review your book. If I am not going to read your book, I will not respond to your email.


-If your email is poorly written, full of grammatical errors, and looks like a text message to one of your friends, I will not accept your submission. Do yourself the favor of presenting a professional looking request.

-Please do not attach your full book to the request.

If I respond to your request, I will ask for your book in one of the following formats:

Paperback, ebook, PDF, and ARCs. (I prefer hard copies and ebooks)

Please note, if I choose to read your book and write a review, I will share an image to your book, as well as links so my readers/followers can purchase a copy of your book for themselves.

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