Book Review: Gladiator

Last year, I read Gladiator by Aria Jade, but just got so caught up in visiting family, the holiday season, and a myriad of other things, that I simply didn't have the chance to sit down and write a proper review for this dystopian sci-fi.

However, as one of the last books I read last year, this was one that I suspect I will go back to read again a second time. I really enjoyed it.

Gladiator is about:

"For over twenty years the colony world of Polaris has been torn asunder by the war between the governing Polaris Alliance and the Order of the Orion Light. The sheer magnitude of the destruction has forced tens of thousands to flee the rubble of their cities and seek sanctuary in pitiful settlements wherever the soldiers aren't present.

Among these refugees is Anya Lee, a strange woman with unusual abilities, a tragic past, and a dangerous secret. Everyone who comes in contact with her is either frightened or intrigued, especially when she displays signs of violent madness that seems to have no explanation.


As desperation grows for an end to the pointless battles, the citizens of Polaris wonder whether anyone can stop this war. Even a superhuman Gladiator."

I really liked the mystery that surrounds the main character, Anya Lee. The mystery of who she is, her strange abilities that are both welcome and feared in the group she finds herself part of, the developing relationships that mature over the course of the book all play well into that lingering question of who she really is, which is only truly revealed at the end of the book.

(And I personally like Anya Lee - I think for all her "issues"

she is still relatable and just flat out likable.)

I also liked the way Aria Jade built this world. There are a lot of questions that arise throughout the telling of Anya's journey, yet none of those unanswered questions hinder the story itself. Instead, these questions imply that Aria Jade has already built a massive world, and those questions will be answered throughout future books.

There is constant action and suspense. Just when you think you can rest for a second, something new happens that sets everyone on edge and raises new doubts and suspicions. There was only one part in the storytelling that made no sense to me, but in the grand scope of the book, it again, did not hinder the story or character development.

Overall, I highly recommend Gladiator for young adult and older fans of dystopian worlds, and I look forward to future books by Aria Jade.

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