Book Review: End of Crows

I have to admit, I am a sucker for a good apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic/dystopian story, so when I was led to R.A. Lingenfelter's End of Crows, I was so excited after reading the blurb and the preview on Amazon.

While this is yet another book in the style of The Hunger Games, complete with teenage heroine on the precipice of life-changing events, there is so much skill in character development and world building that I was happily drawn into the story.

Willow, a teenage girl, lives under the oppressive Dominion, an ultra Communist government that keeps a tight rein on all it's citizens and is bound and determined to eradicate any and all who might oppose it's tyranny. For Willow and her family, escaping the oppression of the Dominion is dangerous, but is something they have been preparing for from the moment Willow was born. As they finally run from the only life Willow has ever known, and embark on a new life among a small rebel community, Willow realizes that not only does she possess some unexpected and unique talents, but she also discovers that the new life that held so much hope for her and her family is in grave danger from within.

I was engaged in this story from the very first page and kept seeing undeniable parallels even to the world we find ourselves in today. Some of this is very thought provoking and even mildly terrifying, to be honest, but the story is such a rich blend of real and make-believe that it builds suspense really well. For a YA novel, the book is easy to read, flows easily, and is well proofed and edited. The characters are easy to relate to, even if some of the talents among the young people are rather unrealistic.

My only critique is that the book is so short. Even for a YA novel, I could have used a lot more that could have easily been added to the story to further build on the relationships between Willow, her family, and her new friends, and enemies. Still, I am adding the rest of this series to my "To Read" list because minus my own preference, I so enjoyed this read!

Be sure to get your copy of End of Crows by R.A. Lingenfelter on Amazon.

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