Book Review: DreamRovers

Oh... My apologies on the delays with reviews. The end of Feb and all of March so far has just been one crazy mess of life. Nothing bad, thank goodness, but when life happens, it always seems to throw all my plans into complete disarray. So, while I have been reading a great deal, sitting down to write reviews, blog posts, or even on my writing projects has just been a luxury I have not had a great deal of time for. However, because I have some time today, let's talk about DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance by Christie Powell.

This is a delightful tale following the intertwined lives of several outcast DreamRovers, people who have the innate ability to witness, manipulate, and even travel through dreams, be it their own dreams or those of other people nearby.

One DreamRover, Indra lives a lonely, but relatively her safe life in the mists of dreams ever since the death of her beloved mother, but she longs for connection. Meanwhile, fifteen-year-old Norma and her family find themselves on the run when they are discovered to share these unique abilities, and because of the loss of everything, she finds she must choose between life on the run or turning her back on her gift. And then there is Walker. Walker's family had been Courtiers, but when his parents were executed for their manipulation of dreams to their own ends, he found himself on the wrong side of the law carrying misplaced guilt and searching for redemption. As these three find their lives suddenly intertwined, they each hope for a path that will lead them to safety removed from the increasing persecution of their kind.

I thoroughly enjoyed this unique exploration of dreams as a method of travel and influence. Christie Powell did well developing her characters and building this world where dreams are more than insubstantial journeys of our subconscious minds. I especially enjoyed the unique perspective as Norma began journaling her experiences. There were a lot of characters involved in the world building and in the explanation of how each of these three characters came to be who they are and how they ended up on the path they are on, but they were woven into the story very well without distracting from the main characters.

This book is set to release on April 2nd, but you can pre-order it on Amazon as an eBook or paperback. I would recommend this book to readers 13 years old and over.

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