Book Review: Carried Away

I have to be honest, when I was talking to Ethan about doing a book review, and I scanned over his previous books, despite their high ratings, I really didn't think Carried Away would be a book I'd care about much.

But the joke's on me.

Sparrow, the rather likable main character, takes us on a journey that parallels today's events. Without giving too much away, the similarities in Carried Away to many of today's current challenges and events are what hooked me from the beginning. I mean how could you not be hooked when a travel blogger, an Instagram trend setter, and a closet prepper are in the mix? An unlikely trio to be sure, but somehow the dynamic trio set the stage for some rather eye-raising scenarios as they traversed the Italian countryside trying to outrun the inevitable.

Oh! And there are cats... lots of cats... and I love cats...

Though, I think Haines might not like cats so much, come to think of it. ::shrug:: Never mind.

In the end, I enjoyed Carried Away. I can appreciate an easy read, which this was. The story moves fast but smooth, easily including you in the journey. I also appreciate the careful research that the author put into this book, which include footnotes - just in case you doubting Thomases have any questions. The inclusion of the conspiracy theorist blog is a stroke of genius that points laughingly at all of us as we journey through our own struggles with today's viral pandemic/plandemic (whatever side of the ridiculous debate you stand on). I have to admit, I chuckled several times throughout the book. Much of the way the story is narrated reminds me very much of one of my favorite author's, Michael Crichton, which is a total compliment to Haines, because he did so much of what Crichton did so well - made science interesting, thought-provoking, and fun.

As for criticisms? Nothing at all hindered my progress through the book. Nothing that kept me from easily picturing the places, the characters, and the struggles they were facing. I think I only ran into one obvious error - an incorrect pronoun, but I suck at editing, so... I am not familiar with Haines' other books, which I am sure get into the main character's head a lot more, so I would have liked to see just a tiny bit more of what makes Sparrow tick. Still, that is really a personal preference, and did not hinder the story.

All in all - Carried Away gets all five stars for being an entertaining and thought-provoking piece of fiction.

This is a great book for adult fiction fans who also like a taste of science, satire, and a good sense of humor about the human condition.

You can preorder your copy on Amazon: Carried Away by E.L. Haines. The book will be released on December 2nd.

Remember, once you have read it, show E.L. Haines some love by leaving a review of the book on Amazon.

Thanks, Ethan, for allowing me to get a preview of your book! You know I enjoyed it!


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