Book Review: A Pale Horse

When an old college friend sends you a message recommending a book, and you really respect the opinion of that friend, you get the book!

A Pale Horse by Michelle Sullivan is just such a book suggested to me by a friend I admire and respect.

I have not read a great deal of Christian Fiction in the past few years. The last couple of things I read were more along the lines of Christian romance, which are great in and of themselves, but I am really just not that girl - into romance novels of any kind. ::shrug:: What can I say? I prefer a bit of action over sappiness. LOL

However, I have always had a great fondness for Christian Fiction by authors like Frank Peretti (This Present Darkness), Joseph Girzone (Joshua), or WM Paul Young (The Shack). Thankfully, and surprisingly, A Pale Horse easily falls into the company of these fantastic Christian novels.

A Pale Horse follows the paths taken by several different characters, but follows most closely along with Peter, a wealthy tech creator, and Maggie, a high class lady with a lot of secrets. When these two cross paths on the streets of New Orleans, neither has any idea of the forces at work that brought them together, or the opposing forces working to tear both their worlds apart. Neither thinks they are prepared for the world about to open up to them under the guidance of ARC, a mysterious group working to fight back the shadows.

I was sucked in from page one. Ms. Sullivan does an incredible job of building the rich layers of New Orleans and its culture, both beautiful and dark, and she took great care to give her characters that same kind of depth. While the story tackles some real world evil, it also digs into spiritual warfare, angel, nephilim, demons, and the darkness of humanity in very interesting and thought provoking ways that really reminded me of how deeply I was affected by Frank Peretti's depiction of what spiritual warfare might look like.

On the down side, and thanks to a fellow author who pointed out that I do this in my own writing, this story suffers from a lot of head hopping. Now, it only bothered me from time to time, like when more than one or two characters were interacting with each other, but in those instances, I had to pull myself out, reread that section and decide who was doing what. But other than that and a few grammatical/spelling errors, the book was well written and flowed easily.

Over all, A Pale Horse is an adventure full of religious legend, Biblical creatures brought to life, supernatural creatures, classic good versus evil, and a creative look into the age old question of the angels, demons, nephalim, and where humans fit in the mix. It's also refreshing to see a Christian novel that paints the hero's (Peter and Maggie) of the story in a completely realistic fashion. These were relatable characters that you might meet in real life, with real struggles, real interactions. Everything from the way they spoke and interacted to the way they dressed and the motives that drove them - completely believable. They were not the stereotyped Bible-thumping, do-gooders a secular reader might expect knowing this is Christian fiction. Adding in the supernatural elements that brought either significant obstacles to overcome or incredible feats of power and strength to offer aid just added to the depth and overall arc.

I recommend this book to young adults and older as a must have addition to your library.

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