BOOK LAUNCH (and other news)


I can't believe it's been a week! Some of you may already know, some may not... I have not been the best about keeping this blog up to speed like I should.

Last week, I finally got all the editing and formatting completed and published the anthology! Short Stories from Mythnium is NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK, EBOOK, AND KU via Amazon!!!

If you haven'y got a copy yet, please get it today! Once you have your copy, please share a pic with it on social media and tag the Mythnium page (links are provided further down). As my thanks, I will send you just a little token of my appreciation. PLUS! Please make a point of reviewing my book once you have completed it. Your purchase coupled with your honest review helps me afford to keep writing AND helps other readers know if they would enjoy the book.

Since I published it, I have been playing catch up on launching a Facebook page for Mythnium, an Instagram page, and a Twitter account! Along with those things, asking friends, family, fellow authors to follow and help get the word out. I was barely able to get to this website to update links.

Which brings me to the "other news":

•I am still researching the in's and out's of publishing via KDP, but from what I understand, when I listed my anthology available to Kindle Unlimited readers, I had to remove my other e-versions to remain compliant with KDP's terms of service. I had to "unpublish" the individual short stories on Smashwords. What this means for those of you who own individual short stories on your e-readers (per Smashwords) is that you will still have YOUR copy. However, no one can purchase any of those shorts via Smashwords at this time. IF I remove the anthology from Kindle Unlimited, I can then republish to Smashwords, if I choose to.

•As I mentioned above, there are now ways you can follow Mythnium on social media. Frankly, I hate Facebook. Long story, but the fact remains that it is an incredible resource for marketing for self-publishers. So, hate it or not, it is a tool I must take advantage of.

~~~ You can follow Mythnium on Facebook: here

on Instagram: here

on Twitter: here

I can't promise that I will be the absolute best about keeping all those sites properly updated all the time, but I do promise to try. Please follow Mythnium on your preferred Social Media, and share the link with your family and friends!

NANOWRIMO is upon us! This year, I am going to be working my butt off. I have committed to writing 50k words for my Mythnium novel, in addition to a commitment to my Christian work, and two anthologies I am contributing to. I had originally intended to commit to 50k words as an addition to the 55k I already have. However, after some internal debate regarding an MC that I truly cannot stand, and continued writer's block, which is most likely tied to the fact that I don't like that MC, I made an exciting and a little terrifying decision.

With the advice of one of my readers in mind, I have chosen to take this opportunity to completely rewrite my Mythnium novel. ~I know. I must be insane.~ In this alternate version, I plan on more closely focusing on the characters you met in the short stories. The overall arc of the novel will remain the same, but that pesky MC will have no place in this version at all. When November is over, I will compare the original version (over ten years of writing, revisions, building, developing, blood, sweat, and tears) with this new version, and will decide which one to continue on with.

•Finally, MARKETING - MARKETING - MARKETING Sigh... I am an introvert. So why did I decide to self-publish and do ALL this all on my own, requiring ME to do all the phone calls, and emails, and drop ins to share my book with shops and bookstores? Oh, man! I dread each and every one - not because of the potential "no", but entirely because the energy it takes for me to interact with people is huge! Because of the amount I am learning as I go, I may end up not being as involved as I would prefer to be on here or on the social media pages. I hope you can forgive me. In the meantime, wish me luck!

Above all, thank you for being a fan! I appreciate every message, every email, every comment. I am so excited about how 2020 is finally shaping up in regards to Mythnium. For such a crummy year, this is a definite high point. Many of you have helped make this happen, and I can't thank you enough.

Till next time...

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