A New Year - News and Resolutions

I can't believe its been so long since I had a chance to sit and share news here... The latter half of 2021 was chaotic for me. Nothing especially bad, thankfully. Somehow, as the rest of the world seems to be falling apart over legalities, politics, virtue-signaling, fear mongering, and increasing hatefulness, my corner of the world remains mostly unaffected by the madness. As a Christian, I am hopeful that some small semblance of common sense and selflessness will awaken. A new hope for a new year.

Some other news from the latter half of 2021:

I finally completed Echoes of Dragons. In November, a friend helped me find an editor. She has been working diligently on my manuscript to help me get it ready for publication. Thankfully, she has also been taking the time to help me learn from my mistakes. To be honest, I hope her education sticks, but as my memory appears to be getting worse and worse, I don't hold out too much hope for that. ::shrug:: If you are a writer in need of an incredible editor, reach out to Lisa here: Lisa's Writopia I know you will be pleased with her work.

I have also been working on several other writing projects. As many of you may be aware, Kindle created a new venue for readers called Kindle Vella - a way to read episodic projects. I am not an author that is very good at writing each "chapter" with a hook, but I tried my hand at writing and releasing three short stories there. One is a short fantasy story about a cat who does the unthinkable for her owner, called Bella's Gift. The second one is also a fantasy short story that takes a unique view at the legend of Bigfoot, called Leaving the Hollow. The third short story is a little bit longer and is an attempt at a romance, called A Steadfast Love.

Finally, I have been working on a lengthy Christian fiction novel for several years illustrating the Book of Ruth. I have been sharing Great Is His Faithfulness chapter by chapter on Vella, and so far it is my most read Vella contribution, which is exciting for sure!

On top of writing, family events picked up during the latter half of 2021 taking us to Florida, Colorado, and Texas to spend time with family. The planning and preparing for these trips as well a change in financial situation for our family has kept me juggling and balancing to keep things all going as smoothly as possible, and has of course affected so much of my life as a writer.

Probably the thing hit hardest was my reading list, for my own personal pleasure, but also in regards to the myriad of book reviews I intended to do that I just did not have the time to do.

So.... Here is to 2022 and new goals, new commitments, and new resolutions (which I'll have you know, I NEVER do... ha!)

First, I am STILL taking book review requests. Currently, I have a small queue to work through, and I have to be honest, I have dismissed dozens of submitted requests out of hand because people just can't seem to follow simple directions, but ... meh ... It is what it is. I am ready to get back on track reading, reviewing, and sharing books for you all to read this year.

Second, I will be starting a newsletter for The World of Mythnium. This newsletter will go out once a month and will share a blurb for at least one book that I have read the month prior, news about my Mythnium writings, titles for any new blog posts, and will feature a fantasy website or blog that I find entertaining or valuable. It will also include links to all my other writing, even if they are not fantasy related. You can sign up for this newsletter on the landing page for this website... If you already saw it when you came to this site, and it doesn't show up again, its easy to get it to pop up again. Simply clear your history and cookies, then come back to the Mythnium Home Page. The sign-up box will appear.

Third, Echoes of Dragons has a release date! March 1, 2021 I am finished with the cover, and am nearly finished with the map that will be included in the book. The book will be available for preorder on Amazon, so be on the lookout! I am incredibly thankful to all the people who have been part of the process: Ethan, Lisa, Stephen, Brett, and Jenn. I am also beyond thankful to my Beta Readers who read the rough draft(s) and offered invaluable insights and opinions that helped me get to the final draft. This project is so much better for that feedback. Now I just need to format the book, get the ARC out, and then finalize publication.

Fourth, the second book, Companions of Dragons, is already underway, and I have to admit, I am insanely excited about it! So far, it is kind of writing itself. The outline for the third book is being built, and notes are being compiled for at least three more books to follow. Lord willing.

Now that we are more or less caught up, I have a special surprise for everyone who signs up for the World of Mythnium newsletter:

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