A Change of Lifestyle, A Move, and A New Short Story

Image by C. Borden. All rights reserved.

Since the completion of Orinus, my life has taken on a rather chaotic route. I helped plan and prepare for my Hubby's retirement, which was even more involved than our own wedding 15 years ago! He and I have planned, traveled, planned some more, and decided on a huge lifestyle change post retirement - a change of career for him, a change of location to another state, selling a house, buying a house, packing, moving, a life of transition, and so on.

During that time, I have somehow still found the time to sit down and write another Short Story From Mythnium. This one introduces a new race of Elves. I have so enjoyed sitting down and hashing out this new race even the little bit that I have. World building is so very complex. With each new race on Mythnium, I find myself hashing out what the culture is like, what the belief system is, how does the race interact with other races, how do they compare and contrast? Then there are the physical features. How do I keep them from being over-done, or keep them from being so different that the reader can't relate (ie. the new race strays too far from the known fantasy or accepted fantasy races?)

Still, this single race that is introduced in this newest short story (Tristal) has been so much fun to formulate and play with that I found myself encouraged about the other new races that I have down as ideas, but had not yet hashed out. So much so, that as Tristal undergoes final edits, cover creation, and publication to Smashwords, I have already brainstormed one of my other new races: what the race looks like, what the culture is like, where the race tends to live, how it is related to other races, and so on. All of that helped me create a new character, one that is proving to be incredibly fun to plan out.

You all stick around, sign up to follow my blog, and come follow World of Mythnium on Facebook and Twitter. Tristal will be released very soon! Then this next short story I hope will be completed within the next two months! I am very excited as I look back over this year so far and see just how productive writing about Mythnium has been.

Signing off from my transitional home at a RV park somewhere in Montana,

Love you all!


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