I did a thing...

I am just too excited not to share!!!

I have drawn out maps of Mythnium, and changed them up, and revised them, and scrapped them, and thrown them away. Hours and hours and hours of drawing, coloring, revising, and wishing there was a tool I could use on my computer that would really allow me to draw a map without me having to take a course just to use it!

Today, after, um... hmmmm... YEARS of checking out different sites recommended by other authors, I finally stumbled across this online map generator. And wow! Just wow!

I created an account and played around a little with it. Then I created a new map and went to work. It took me all day, but I am so excited to announce that I have an honest to goodness map of Mythnium I can edit, print, and share!

It is incomplete as of yet. As you can see, I have not added the locations of towns, cities, and other places that I have revealed in my short stories. I have to go back to all my notes to make sure I put them all in the correct places. Plus, I will have to take each portion and really zoom in, erase some of the geographic elements, etc so that the places can be easy marked and seen.

That said, this is a HUGE milestone in my world creation! I am so stinking thrilled with out it turned out! This is exactly as I pictured it in my head, that I somehow could not manage to express correctly with colored pencils. (Artist I am not. HA!)

What do you think of it so far?

Oh... and fellow authors! If you are looking for a totally user friendly map generator, you have to check out Inkarnate.com There is a basic option, and a subscription option. The latter has a ton more options to play with. ;-)

World of Mythnium - Map 1

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