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The things that inspire us...

Drive us forward.

As both an author and an entrepreneur, inspiration is something I focus on in my personal life, in my writing life, and in my business life.

In my desire to continually improve myself, I watch a lot of TEDtalks and read many books on motivation, how to be successful, and so on. There are many great speakers, videos, and books, and when I have gone back over notes over the past few years, every single one of them comes down to a singular core concept, one that Simon Sinek appropriately captures in his book and talks "Start with Why."

In a nutshell, our why is what inspires us. In reality, it is a circular concept. Our why feeds our inspiration, but the things that inspire us fuel our why - our reasons for doing anything. Anything at all.

As an inspired writer, why and inspiration affect my imagination and fuel my motivation. Yet, if you asked me what inspires me, I could not focus on any singular thing or idea.

Think about your own inspiration. You might start with a big picture - the general thing or idea that got you moving in the direction you are moving. But I challenge you to break it down. When you do, you will see that you are in fact driven forward by a thousand different influences, ideas, dreams, goals, and imaginings.

My inspiration comes mainly from nature. I am happiest when I am surrounded by God's creation. That is my general inspiration. Breaking it down, or expanding on it, depends on how you look at it, I am inspired by feelings invoked by sounds, views, smells. Certain songs make me recall periods of time and feelings I felt during those times. Smells are powerful sources of inspiration as they tap memories and moments. Nearly all of these are intertwined together driving me to work harder to the goals that will allow me to be in the places where I feel most joy and contentment.

How does your inspiration affect the reasons you live your life or chase your dreams? How do your dreams affect your inspiration?

They most definitely work hand in hand. From one dreamer to another, I hope you find what truly inspires you, and I hope you allow that inspiration to be the fuel that drives you forward.

So how does one FIND inspiration?

- Look inward. The hardest thing you will ever do in your life is stop and take an honest look at yourself, at your inner self, and see the good and the bad and the ugly. Once you have taken honest account for who you are, and who you want to be, you will see the beginning of honest inspiration.

- Look to your past. The second hardest thing you will do is to take an objective look at your past. From your childhood to where you are today, taking a look at the life changing events in your life and accepting the effects they have had on you will add to your inspiration. Do not discount the little moments either. Some of the greatest inspiration can be found in the tiniest moment most would consider mundane or ordinary, but when you associate the feelings you had in that ordinary moment, you might be surprised at the spark that ignites.

- Look at the world around you right now. What music do you listen to? Why? What movies do you most enjoy? What books keep you enthralled? What conversations have you had recently that linger in your mind? Where have you been recently that made you feel most happy? Who were you with where you felt most at ease? All these things are core pieces to your own inspiration.

When you find your inspiration, do not just sit on it. Take it and use it to propel you toward the goals and dreams you have for your future. Live an inspired life!

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