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You ever come across those images of perception regarding a particular career? What friends think I do? What my Mom thinks I do? What I actually do?

Like this:

Yeah... Even this is pretty far from the mark for me on most days. Take today, for example. I had planned to sit down and plug away on a Freelance project for a client, but our wires got crossed and I am unable to proceed as planned. (HINT - NEVER assume a fellow writer a) knows how to use technology or b) is a problem solver). I digress. So, I find myself with hours of unplanned time.

For many authors, this is a good thing. Unplanned time means time to catch up on personal projects. Outlines. Characters. Worlds. Research. Writing. Editing. Formatting. Whatever stage we are in our personal writing.

For me, unplanned time equals chaos and panic. (And an excuse to procrastinate.) You see, if you go off the image above, in this moment, I am exactly what it says relatives think I do. I am a bum. I am sitting here in my comfy rocker, in my pjs, with uncombed hair, and sleepy eyes.

I am jealous of the person who might be in the picture of what my friends think I do. I mean, really, people think writers just gather together in limos and live the high life? Cause of they do, I am seriously missing out!

I am totally in awe of the person that society thinks I do. I would LOVE to spend my days writing away in a coffee shop with the rich aromas of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods galore!

I am my own editor at the moment, so that one simply does not apply. And the final two images - even my own self-perception - seems far removed from me today.

Not to say I don't have plenty to occupy my time. I certainly do. I am working on my Mother's second book of poetry. I have four separate fiction projects that I am taking serious to work on (in contrast to the dozen other ideas that are just sentences or notes scattered around various notebooks or on the back of bills). I am actively seeking new clients as old ones are finding confidence in the tips and tricks I have shared with them while working with them, so they need my services less and less. (I AM actually thrilled for them!). I am also an entrepreneur and a mom and a wife! I do not lack for things to do.

But when you mess with my schedule, my world falls apart. I am sure there is a personality type that I fit into in this regard. True, I have already forced myself to do something - hence this blog post. However, as you can tell, this blog was not planned, so it is disjointed and off the cuff and totally NOT what fellow authors say I should share on my blog. hahahahaha Oh well.

I "plan" on doing some self-promotion once this blog is posted. I "plan" on writing 2,000 words today for one of my Christian fiction novels. I also "plan" on outlining another Short Story of Mythnium, and adding another 2,000 words to my Mythnium novel. Maybe - just maybe - these things will fill the time I had set aside for my client. Then again, I might get distracted by Hulu or Netflix and take the free time to binge.

Maybe I should have waited to write this until the end of the day, so you all would know just what today has been like? Nah. Someone has to keep you in suspense.

So tell me - what is your career? When your plans are derailed, or your schedule falls through, how does that impact your day? Surely, I am not the only one who falls to pieces. LOL I mean, misery does love company. LOL

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