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Moving away from the artwork that inspires all of the World of Mythnium creations is probably the saddest part of this journey so far.

And yet, there is a great deal of excitement as well. Today, I will be updating all my WoM short stories with new covers. Each cover was created with the story in mind, mainly the locations the character of the story originated, or a place that means something to that character.

I had the help of two of my friends who offered suggestions and creative edits. One of them asked me why I am not choosing to use more traditional fantasy artwork, something that showcases the humans, elves, and fantastic creatures from WoM. She pointed out how fantasy novels are clearly identified by those styles of covers, and that is exactly why I choose not to go that route.

I don't know about most readers, but I know for me - when I read a novel - fantasy or science fiction - I see the world through the same eyes that see this world. Yes, there is an element of new, odd, unique, magical, or other-worldliness to the worlds I see with my mind's eye, but I very rarely "see" the characters or creatures the way an artist captures them on covers. In fact, I am often disappointed in artists' renditions.

So. My hope is this new cover art helps you better envision the world the characters live in, so the characters can better fit your image of them both in physical appearance and in character development.

I'd love to know what you think. Did I hit the mark with these?

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