A New Look - beyond the cover

I have been part of many online groups where authors can get to know one another, exchange ideas, learn from one another, and gain insights into writing and artwork. In one particular group, where I actually learned a great deal after taking some major hits to my pride and ego, I was criticized rather mercilessly over the artwork for my books, website, and Facebook page. At first, and for several months, I vehemently defended my choice and reasoning. Even here on this blog you will find a post regarding the artwork, which inspired a world and gave life to some very specific characters. That artwork is my inspiration. So, in my rather naive mind, it made total sense to use said artwork as a sort of homage.

Now, keep in mind, during this same time, I had just released several short stories, nearly on top of one another, and initially gained some fairly decent reviews and praise from readers. That initial praise confirmed to me I was "right."

Then fellow authors read and reviewed my work, and I discovered how incredibly lacking in skill I truly am - nearly across the board.

True - every author begins somewhere. True - the more a writer writes, the better he gets. At least that is what every writer hopes. However, having no formal education in writing, and winging it, as I had done to that point, clearly was not working and that realization set in as sales stopped - dead.

So I set all my World of Mythnium works aside - not to quit. No. The story is too real in my head. It is demanding to be told, whether it is uniquely creative or mundanely stereotypical of its genre. I honestly do not care about that. The story will be told - it is merely a matter of when.

Right now, as I stated in the post prior to this one, I am working on physical changes. Crafting new artwork for the covers, website, and Facebook page is challenging and time consuming when you are learning how to do it as you go. Once the artwork is updated, the plan is to focus on writing skills, storytelling, and more thorough self-editing.

I am a self-publisher. Plus, in my case, I am my own graphic designer, cover designer, blogger, marketer, and editor, so my work is cut out for me.

To what end, you might wonder.

To make that story that needs to be told more enjoyable for you. To make it one, no matter how cliche, that you would enjoy re-reading. To make it one you would recommend to your friends as one you could not put down.

It is a rather lofty goal, especially these days where new authors are a dime a dozen - still - it is one I refuse to give up.

To those who are my faithful and loyal readers - dare I call you "fans" - I adore you and thank you for your input and your patience. I hope to have something new for you soon!

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