Returning to Mythnium

The past year's journey away from Mythnium has been interesting and challenging. I have compiled ideas and new characters, have drawn and redrawn maps of the world, have cut and rewritten entire sections of my main work, and have gained valuable criticism along the way.

While I am not ready to dive in head first and begin more short stories because I am currently in the middle of another writing project that is consuming all my time and energy, I hope to revamp the artwork for the short stories already released, and share more of the vision in creating Mythnium, her people, and their story.

So stay tuned! I am not gone... and neither is Mythnium!

Also! If you have not already gotten your copies of the Short Stories of Mythnium, click on the "Books" tab! Several are being offered for FREE for a limited time, while others are only $0.99!!!

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