Sneak peek - Valero: Warrior of Elmnas

It is hard to believe it has been over a year from the time that Valero was released on Smashwords. The shortest of the Short Stories from Mythnium, it is still the most popular.

If you have not yet met, Valero, here is a little peek at one of my favorite male characters from Mythnium!

"There was danger ahead, but the scent was unfamiliar to him. It warned of caution. Still peering in the direction of the shadows that now flanked both sides of the road ahead, he noted how the movements of the creatures ahead stirred the fog up in their wake. Whatever was ahead of his group moved quickly and quietly, causing the wisps of fog to rise up like a breeze had moved it, yet there was no breeze along the forest floor.

Reaching over his shoulder, he pulled his sword almost silently from its sheath across his back."

To get the rest of the story, click here: (If you have or create a Library with Smashwords, you can get ALL the Short Stories from Mythnium at a great discount!)

As always, love it or hate it, please leave a review once you have read it! If you are not familiar with Smashwords, you can also find Valero at Barnes and Noble, on Kobo, and on iBooks.

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