World of Mythnium - year in review

Facebook is a wonderful thing - most of the time. :)

Today, it alerted me to the fact that one year ago today I released my first self-published Short Story from Mythnium on Smashwords. Of course, I did not write the short story, format it, self-edit, create the cover, and put it all online in that single day. To be honest, it took me nearly a week once the super short story was complete to get everything else accomplished. Still...

Happy Anniversary to the World of Mythnium!

I would like to say that it has been a stellar year. Overall, it really has been. I never expected to have so many people download that first short story, and when I got absolutely no reviews - good or bad - I did not expect the second short story to get any readership at all. However, I did not give up or give in to my own doubts, and I wrote and released five short stories so far.

As I look over the numbers - the tangible review of the year - I guess some would say it has been a slow year. However, considering I am an unknown author with no one to do the marketing for me except myself, I see these numbers as a HUGE success with obvious room to grow!

Total downloads - 343

Total "likes" - Smashwords - 115

Facebook - 98

Twitter - 26

Total reviews - 1 (4 stars on Smashwords)

6 (2 ~ 4 stars and 4 ~ 5 stars on Barnes and Noble)

4 ( 4 ~ 5 stars on iBooks)

Total feedback - negative - 5 from fellow authors and friends

positive - 7 from fellow authors, friends, and family

Characters and Settings -

The year has allowed me to introduce you to some of my favorite characters from Mythnium. You have met several Elves, an orphaned Human, a searching Drow, and a few Dwarves. While only one or two of these characters will hold consequential roles in the upcoming full-length novel, I like to think the groundwork has been laid for each of them that captures the imagination and allows the reader to see glimpses into the world inside my head.

You have also been able to visit some of the different places in Mythnium - from rocky sea shores, to mountain ridges, to deep forests, you have been able to visit for just a moment just a few of the many landscapes that make up this new world.

What have I learned?

Self-publishing and self-marketing is not for the lazy or faint of heart. It takes incredible faith in oneself and a great deal of stubborn determination, which I just happen to have in great abundance. I have also learned that as much as we want friends and family to jump on board and be supportive - they don't have to and won't if they don't want to. Yes... That is a bitter pill to swallow. Complete strangers will be the ones who are most supportive, most willing to share, most willing to respond and give feedback. I have also learned that I suck when it comes to editing my own work. I am often blind to my own mistakes - even with tips and tricks I have learned from other authors - I STILL catch glaring grammatical errors when I go back and reread already published works.

I have learned that every new fan is a HUGE success. Every time one of my stories is shared or reviewed is a HUGE success.

But the thing that I learned that is most valuable is that I AM an author, and I LOVE even the struggle, and so I will keep writing! I am eager and excited to see what this next year will bring to me as an author and to World of Mythnium as it ever expands with its diverse people and places with all the drama and life yet to be shared.

So what is in store for WoM fans?

There are several more short stories in the works. A couple have really captured my imagination. One is about two fishermen brothers whose lives are changed forever when they catch something unexpected. Another is about a young thief who meets a sorceress and the fate of their intertwined lives.

There are also plans to share more about the Races of Mythnium. Many of the races you have already been introduced to you are well-known to you: elves, dwarves, drow, humans, goblins. However, there are other races waiting to be known, some beautiful, some horrific, all eager to make their presence known.

Hopefully, over the next year, you will have the opportunity to get more involved in the World of Mythnium as you meet more of her people and as more of the world is shared with you. So stick around, the story is far from over.

To all of my World of Mythnium Fans - thank you for keeping this story going! Each of those numbers above is representative of one of you. You cannot know how deeply I appreciate your support.

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