Fantasy, Fan Gear, and Future Tales! Oh My!

If you have been tooling around on the page recently, you may have noted the recent absence of new material - until today. Then BAM! There is a lot of new stuff to catch your attention.

First, "Grazina" has been released! The fifth Short Story from Mythnium! Granted, I had hoped to release her at the beginning of the month, and when that didn't happen, I had hoped to release her this week. However, in the chaos of my month, my scheduling got a little wonky. So - "Grazina" was released last Wednesday while I was galavanting around the beautiful State of Colorado.

You can find your copy of "Grazina" on Barnes and Noble, on iBooks, and of course, on Smashwords. Remember, I appreciate any reviews you may have the time to leave. I like to believe that "no reviews" is "good news," but your review does actually help draw in more readers to my work.


Second, World of Mythnium now has FAN GEAR!!! So far, three designs, as displayed on the mugs there, have been created. However, there is so much more than just mugs. If you are like me, mugs are THE thing to get - after all, coffee is all too often an author's lifeline. However, there are tee's, hoodies, travel mugs, cases, journals, pillows, and so much more.

All the proceeds from MythniumGear will help me hire a professional editor for future stories and especially for the upcoming novel. I hope they will also help turn the Short Stories from Mythnium into a print anthology later down the line as well as help me be able to put the first novel out in print as well as eBook format.

Besides, who doesn't love a cute mug or throw pillow?

Click here (or on the mugs) to shop: MYTHNIUMGEAR


Third, I just got back from vacation where I was mostly cut off from the cyber world. I was really able to refresh my creative juices and was inspired to create a few new characters. They are incredibly raw, but already dominating my thoughts.

So be on the look out during the next few months for adventures with a sorceress, a young thief, a pair of fishermen brothers, and more! As these characters come to life, I am discovering how well they will fit into the main novel. I am sure some more seasoned authors would flip their lids if they realized how my story is coming together. I know some of my teachers and professors over the years would definitely think I am doing this all wrong. They may be right. But... Man! I am having so much fun! I hope those of you who are following me on this journey are having fun too!

As always, I am eager to hear from you - give me your thoughts, ask me your questions, heck - shoot me some ideas!

Thank you for following, thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing my work if you happen to enjoy it!

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