And the Winner is...

I knew I was taking a risk throwing out my own cover art for everyone to vote on, and honestly, I was a little scared.

Okay. I was a LOT scared.

Just like throwing my first short story out there, putting my own cover art out for a vote also opens the door for opinion.

Thankfully, several fellow authors, who just recently started following World of Mythnium on Facebook, opted not to vote, but they did offer advice on several of the different covers. I know I am an amateur, and I have a great deal to learn as I continue on this path, so I am extremely thankful to those authors who messaged me their suggestions without being condescending or belittling.

To EACH author, I am honored you took the time.

To EVERYONE who voted here on the blog, or who voted on Facebook, or who messaged/texted me your choice, I am honored that you all took the time to look at the cover designs and shared your choice and opinions!

Tomorrow, I will be releasing Virconia, the fourth Short Story From Mythnium, and there you will all be able to see which cover got the most votes! In advance of the release, I want to give you all a heads up. There were some minute changes made based on the opinions and advice I received from fellow authors. I hope those changes add to the elements that caused it to be the winning cover.

And now... For the winner...

Congratulations to Bob Glynn!!!

Bob is a fellow author, whom I met in one of the author groups I am in. You can follow him on his Facebook page: The Time Company or purchase his book From the Beginning: A Fantasy on the Origin of Time on Amazon. Thank you, Bob, for your vote! Bob will get Virconia for FREE.

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