COVER POLL - YOU choose the next cover!

I have come under fire from some other authors about the use of the same cover format for each short story.

I get it... I do... However, here is my reasoning.

First, I am using images created by a dearly departed family member, so these images are near and dear to my heart, but I have a limited number of them I can use.

Second, the plan from the beginning was to use one image for all my short stories, and then a different one for each novel (assuming I write more than one novel for this world.)

Third, as an unknown author, in my mind it makes sense to stick to the same or similar cover so fans can tell right away its mine. I don't know how many times I have gone to find a book in a series for one of my favorite authors and I looked right past it because the cover art, style, artistry, etc was insanely different.

So, for now, I am sticking to the same image. However, I am a fan of this nifty online app called picmonkey and it does allow me to play with the original image quite a bit so I created two "new" cover styles and I need your help.

Please review the images below. In the comment section, please tell me which image you prefer to see for the next three Short Stories of Mythnium.

Option 1 - The original style.

Option 2 - The ombre style.

Option 3 - The faded style.

Option 4 - The labeled style

Survey ends Wednesday, March 30th at noon PST. Winner of the drawing will be announced in a separate blog post by 6pm PST. Winning cover will debut during new eBook release on March 31st!!!

TEASER ALERT: As you can see, I am nearly ready to release my fourth short story! Everyone who shares their choice in the comments below will be entered to win a free copy of this next short story in eBook or pdf format (winner's choice).

Thank you so much for your help choosing the next cover!

FYI: There will be more to come about the newest release and where you will be able to find it!

(To find my short stories online - please click on the Books tab above, or go directly to my Profile here at Smashwords. You can also find my eBooks on Barnes and Noble and iBooks.)

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