Faith and Fantasy

When my Mom was visiting over Christmas, I read her my short stories. When I finished, she complimented me, having liked them, but something struck her.

With the classic elements of good vs evil, was I going to portray the Christian faith in this tale?

I told her no.

Here is the thing- my Christian faith is everything to me. I breathe in Scripture and exhale prayer of thanksgiving and supplication. My every action is one where I ask myself (true to the era where my faith truly built its foundation -high school- "what WOULD Jesus do?" Because of this deep desire to live in His will, I also want to write reflecting Him.

I have gone around and around and around, praying, begging, pleading... He gave me this talent. He put me in the places to have incredible instruction from teachers and professors, from other authors, bloggers, and editors. He gives me these images and characters in my mind that demand to be put on paper and shared.

But, no, this fantasy tale will not be Christian. It will not be Christian in that I won't have the elves and dwarves claiming belief in my God. It will not be Christian in that it won't have the elements one would typically see in a Christian fiction novel, there will not be a clear leading to Salvation message.

And yet... There will be struggle to surpass one's circumstances. There will be the question of eternity. There will be the question of life after death. There will be the struggle between good, evil, and the gray areas that appear to lead one way but ultimately lead another. There will be unconditional love versus selfish and angry hatred. There will be forgiveness for the unforgivable. There will concepts of selfless acts which will seem foreign and strange to some. There will be redemption.

So, while I did tell my Mom that these would not be Christian tales nor a Christian novel, and left her deeply disappointed I think, I really should have told her that yes it would be. After all, speaking only for myself and not other authors, I am not able to keep something that is so much part of my fibers out of my writing. For me, even if I could, I would not want to.

And maybe someone will read my work expecting just a release from reality and maybe find lingering thoughts of hope and grace and set out on the journey to find those things in real life.

Lord willing.

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