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Growing up, my favorite novel was Dune. Frank Herbert did such an incredible job of building Caladan, Arrakis, and Giedi Prime in my mind that they became real places to me.

Now that I am creating a world of my own, a place that I see so vividly in my dreams, I have discovered that putting it to paper is really quite hard. How does one take a dream and try to imbue the colors of the dream into black and white print? So many other authors do this with ease, or the appearance of ease, at any rate.

Yes. I have notes of the places my characters travel between. I have an outline and sketches of the world as a whole, and where some of the major locations sit in relation to one another. And yet - describing the world to you, the reader, so you see it like I "see" it is truly challenging.

For me, it is not enough to tell you about a forest. I want you to see the texture of the bark of the different trees. I want you to close your eyes and swear you can smell the scent of the salty air from the coastline. I want you to feel the velvety softness of the petals from an exotic flower. More than that, I want the world of Mythnium to become a place you are drawn to, intrigued by, sometimes concerned for, and sometimes afraid of.

It is not enough to tell you that Mythnium exists in a distant galaxy far, far away. It needs to feel like Mythnium is right here, right now. If you opened your door and stepped outside, you would find the earth's sun replaced by two very different suns on diverging paths across the sky. At night, you would see a shattered moon and stars that seem entirely too close. The scents and sounds would be vaguely familiar and yet completely foreign.

So, dear reader, you tell me. Going off of my teeny tiny short stories, where I am introducing just tiny bites of Mythnium, is Mythnium growing on you?

I am always eager for feedback, comments, and questions!

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