Chasing Rabbits

Since launching this page, I have been contacted by a couple sweet readers, who I sincerely hope become fans, with a question about my short stories.

They wanted to know why my short stories are so varied and so short... What is the point?

So - let me allow you a peek into my thought processes as a new author who is simply trying to gain readership.

I have a novel in the works. It's broken. It's incomplete. It has huge gaping holes in its plot. It may have to be broken up into a series of novels because even though I do work from a very rough outline, the story continues to take on a life of its own, and is becoming quite massive. Isn't that as it should be?

One of my quirks in writing is that I chase rabbits. Much like when I have a conversation with a family member or a friend, I let my mind follow any number of tangents, and before I know it a conversation that was based on a favorite coffee has ended up evaluating the best places to travel to or the type of socks I am wearing. Yes. I am THAT person!

When I work on my novel, I find myself doing the same thing. Initially, I forced myself to refocus and pay no attention to the place or person or idea that my mind latched onto. How I regret all those lost thoughts!!! Two years ago, I contemplated the fact that I now had missing stories, and as I sought so hard to reimagine those random thoughts, I grew frustrated. I realized I had just thrown away something valuable. So I decided to embrace chasing rabbits as part of my writing process.

I got a notebook. Now when I work on my main novel, when I start chasing a rabbit - or rabbits, I write them down in the notebook. When I take a break, I look at those notes and I let myself delve into those ideas and let my imagination have fun with it!

As a result, I have countless short stories started because of these silly rabbits. Some are incomplete. Some are incredibly vast, begging for inclusion in the main story, and some - like the short stories I have already shared with you - are demanding to be shared right away.

One reason the stories are so varied are because of where I was in the main novel when the thought occurred to me. For example, Valero intrigued me from the minute I added him to my novel. My heroin admired and respected him, and I wanted to know why. Granted, his short story is just a teeny tiny introduction to him, but once I write that blurb, I knew it was exactly right and left me room to dive deeper into his persona in the fabric of my novel or future short stories.

I hope the characters I have introduced to you so far HAVE caught your attention and drawn you in, just as I hope you are becoming curious about this world in my head.

As ever, I am thankful for the questions, the following, and the sharing!

~C. Borden

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