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Over seven years ago, I started work on a story. There was a young girl running away from a life she did not want. During her journey, a phenomena was occurring that affected the world she was living on, but she had no idea how apart of that event she truly was...

That story took on a life of its own, and the world of Mythnium was born. In this world are the traditional fantasy type characters, races, classes as well as the typical use of magic and sorcery, and of course, the age old fight between good and evil even when the lines between are blurred and fuzzy. However, you will find an introduction to some new races, some bending of traditional fantasy lore, and maybe even some outright offensive twists to classic fantasy tales.

This website will allow you to have easy access to the all the Short Stories of Mythnium Series, will all you to meet some of the characters before their own short stories are released, and will allow you to get to know the world that has captured my own imagination. All these short stories are in preparation for the release of my first novel. I use the short stories to keep me from "chasing rabbits" within the novel itself, but still allow those "rabbits" to come to life on their own. Who knows? Maybe some of those short stories will later become novels of their very own!

Feel free to bookmark this website, and be sure to check out the short stories listed on the Books tab - most are currently offered for FREE in eBook formats.

~C. Borden

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