Mythnium Books

Echoes of Dragons
Awakenings - Book One

ISBN: 9798405734484 

Echoes of Dragons is LIVE!

Are you ready?

When suns collide…
When paths converge…
A decade after the suns of Mythnium eclipse each other,
strangers on different paths converge as though by fate. 
But what fate drives the danger from the southern continent? 
What fate deals such harsh blows, unimaginable loss, and shocking revelations?
Are the newfound friendships, unlikely bonds, and unexpected partnerships able to survive what is to come?

Reunite with the characters you've come to love in the Short Stories from Mythnium and join them on their journey across Mythnium in this first book in the Awakening Series.

Short Stories From Mythnium: Anthology

ISBN: 9798550107614

Enter the world of Mythnium through these collected tales of heroism, discovery, and realization. 


Meet Elves, Dwarves, and Humans who play significant roles in the continual battle between good and evil. Each of these short stories introduces you to Mythnium's races, creatures, magic, and hints at something dark on the horizon. 


This anthology paves the way for C. Borden's upcoming novels about Mythnium and her heroes and villains as it takes you on eight journeys into the lives of characters who come from different backgrounds, cultures, and races. These snapshots into the world of Mythnium open the doors to a place of magic, danger, intrigue, romance, and adventure.

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