Welcome to the Short Stories from Mythnium.   Each short story introduces you to another character from the world of Mythnium, a place where fantastic creatures, diverse races, and the balance of good and evil continually work against each other.   




The Warrior Elf from Elmnas that became a legend throughout Mythnium. Meet Valero on one of his patrols as he senses danger, and as he realizes increasing premonition of more to come. The first of many short stories to introduce you to the world of Mythnium in advance of Dancing with Dragons. Get to know the characters.


When a shipwrecked and orphaned child is found by a band of smugglers, it is up to them to decide how to proceed especially once they realize she is the missing princess from some war-torn islands. She is just a child after all, but the reward for her return...



Tracking an unusually large wolf through Deep Forest puts one of the most talented archers from Elmnas in a precarious position, but only afterward does she realize just how precarious when she recalls a memory and connects the memory to the experience with the wolf.


She found herself on the surface of Mythnium once more, looking for signs that matched what her people were witnessing in the netherland. Along the way, she joins a ragtag group of wanderers who catch her attention. Can a Drow fit in with Dwarves, Elves, and Humans, even one who differs so much from most of her own kind?  



Her family, her country, her people all had high expectations for her. However, even from a young age, she wondered if that was all there was to her - the expectations placed upon her by others. Then a tragic accident threatened to ruin even those expectations. When she could not even look at her reflection without grimacing, she knew she had to take action. After all what is an Elven Princess to do when everything her culture holds dear in a person is stripped away?



Living in a male-dominated society was hard enough. Being a blacksmith gifted with a talent that put all the other blacksmiths to shame could ruin her. But when orphaned Estryl learns that her talent is one not shared by all the magically imbued Dwarves, she learns that her life has the potential to change dramatically. Her story is just beginning.



Orinus could be the most powerful mage Mythnium has ever seen, but his power is unpredictable and dangerous. When he decides to return home, with the intention of reconnecting with his estranged family, tragedy strikes setting him on a path he had not planned.



Orphaned during a raid on her clan, Tristal was taken in and raised by a neighboring clan. There she grew and discovered that she had skill as a warrior among the White Elves. There she also found passionate love and complete acceptance. But then, in an instant, her life was turned upside down, sending her down a path of anger, confusion, and heartbreak. In the aftermath of her own folly, could she find redemption and her place in the world?


Short Stories From Mythnium: Anthology

ISBN: 9798550107614

Enter the world of Mythnium through these collected tales of heroism, discovery, and realization. 


Meet Elves, Dwarves, and Humans who play significant roles in the continual battle between good and evil. Each of these short stories introduces you to Mythnium's races, creatures, magic, and hints at something dark on the horizon. 


This anthology paves the way for C. Borden's upcoming novels about Mythnium and her heroes and villains as it takes you on eight journeys into the lives of characters who come from different backgrounds, cultures, and races. These snapshots into the world of Mythnium open the doors to a place of magic, danger, intrigue, romance, and adventure.

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